#InProgress, what does it truly mean?

As individuals, with dreams, visions, and aspirations we all strive to take the right step forward to reach our end goals. Along the way, we tend to face setbacks, roadblocks, difficulties, doubt, failure, closed doors and impatience of the journey we’re in. Many, when in situations like these, where negativity and discouragement seem to be the only presence, take a step back, and no longer is their faith and confidence as strong and enthusiastic as it once was.

To be #inprogress means that we have an infinite level of relentlessness in our approach of reaching our destination. That means that we understand that with whatever comes along on the journey, negative or positive, our attitude never shifts and our confidence is always high. Also, our faith remains strong and continues to become stronger and stronger.

To be #inprogress means that we are patient, we put relentless work in, we trust the work we put in, and we stay optimistic about the future that lies ahead. With the right mindset we will and can do anything we put our minds to. This is what it means to be #inprogress.


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